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Story Travels to Paris

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

We love to travel.

Back in the day when traveling was legal, we had a little game were we took Story: everywhere.

This was a trip to Paris.

Another memory of Paris. Love messages on locks were written and placed on the "Pont des Arts" in Paris.

There are no more #lovelocks, but we have a little memory of how it looked back then.

One of our favorite Spots in #Paris #CentrePompidou, from it's wonderful fountains, it's architecture and obviously it's great exhibitions, it's a place we love to visit when in Paris.

This emblematic building, #Louvre no more needs to be said... Maybe just Beyonce and Jay - Z

#academieantionaledemusique Paris we love you.

And with this nice background of #toureiffel we finish our Story: tour of Paris.


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